What is infertility?2020-11-25T12:24:31+05:30

When a couple is trying to conceive for 1 year without contraception.

Once a home pregnancy test comes positive when should one visit the gynaecologist?2020-11-25T12:23:31+05:30

Once the urine pregnancy test is positive at home, you must talk to your gynaecologist and take an appointment within one week to 10 days later.

Is routine gynaecological check up necessary?2020-11-25T12:22:19+05:30

Yes, It is absolutely necessary to get a routine gynaecological check up done once every year.

Is pain during periods normal?2020-11-25T12:21:01+05:30

Some amount of pain during periods is normal, however if the pain is so severe that you are unable to do your day to day routine activities you must consult a gynaecologist.

What is heavy periods?2020-11-25T12:19:45+05:30

Any bleeding during periods which is more than 8 days in duration and/or soaking more than 6-7 pads per day with passage of clots is heavy menstrual bleeding.

What is the right time to consult a gynaecologist for a young newly married girl?2020-11-25T12:18:08+05:30

You must visit a gynaecologist just before marriage for contraceptive advice and just before you plan to have a baby for preconceptional advice.

What are the symptoms of PCOS?2020-11-25T12:16:00+05:30

Irregular periods, acne, weight gain and increased facial hair maybe some of the symptoms of PCOS.

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